Pet Responsibility Special Project with Madison Elementary

Pet Responsibility volunteer Alison Dunmore and her dog Hazel meet with students at Madison Elementary.

Mustang Connection students from Madison Elementary School partnered in November with the Guilford County Pet Responsibility Program and began a service learning project on animal nutrition and safety.

The students participated in a workshop, learned about pet overpopulation, and brainstormed ways to alleviate the problem. They created signs and recorded educational ConnectED messages about pet safety and shared that more than 14,000 are taken to the Guilford County Animal Shelter.

The students also held a pet food and toy drive. They created signs advertising the drive and encouraged the entire school to participate. The students delivered the donations to the shelter on Dec. 10. They also participated in an educational workshop, took a tour of the shelter, and visited the animals.

Mustang Connections is an African American mentor program for males in second through fifth grades. It is coordinated by the school counselor, Ashley Gordon. The program’s purpose is to stimulate, inspire, and motivate students to be more than just leaders of tomorrow but successful risk takers who are not afraid and are allowed to embrace their natural gifts. With the help of the mentor program, Madison Elementary academic achievement gap for African-American males has decreased from 14 percent to six percent in a course of two years.

Article originally published by the Greensboro News & Record, December 23, 2015


Mustang Connection students deliver their donations to the Guilford County Animal Shelter.

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